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 The struggle of the "crazy cook"

Tiger Wong, one of the most brutal Kung Fu fighters of his time was racketeering the opera performers. He sat them a time period to pay the sum that he demanded. He threatened to destroy their boats and thus their livelihood if the opera company refused to pay him.

The leader of the opera troupe, Wong Wah Bo and his followers were, understandably desperate. They had no money and weren’t able to protect themselves in the event of an attack, since they had no real kung fu skills, only the opera style Kung Fu performances. As the deadline had expired, the members of the red boat saw their end approaching.

As Wong came and went to pick up the money, the supposedly crazy, old cook stood in his way. Tiger Wong did not take the supposed old cook seriously and tried to push him roughly aside and give him a beating. This conflict between Tiger Wong and the abbot of the monastery is passed on differently by the different Wing Chun families. But all of them passed on that Tiger Wong had no chance against the superior Kung Fu of the old master.

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