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The legends about the Wing Chun system

In order to protect the identity of the master and the resistance, different legends and stories of Wing Chun were invented. (For example the story of Yim Wing Tsun.) Wong Wah Bo was a very talented and diligent student. His first students were San Kam, Leung Yee Tai and Leung Laan Kwai. Only to those who had mastered the whole system, the truth was revealed about the background of the art.

During the Ching Dynasty male artists were playing female roles in the opera, because women were not allowed to appear in public. San Kam was an excellent artist who could represent the female roles very well on the one hand; on the other hand, he represented the community in real fights. At that time the art of Wing Chun Dim became known as Wing Chun Kuen - Internal Spring Fist (The martial art of the everlasting spring). This was the true Kung Fu from the southern Shaolin Temple. San Kam was known by his nickname: Painted face Kam.

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