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Fung Siu Ching spreads the Kung Fu of the Red Boats

As San Kam bought opera costumes for the members of the red boat, he was mocked and attacked by a young vivacious tailor's apprentice named Fung Siu Ching. The strong and hulking Fung Siu Ching was beaten seven times into the dust before he realized that he had no chance against this strange man. Fung Siu Ching immediately wanted to pass the tea to San Kam (Chinese Kung Fu tradition to seal the student - master agreement), however, San Kam turned him down on the grounds that he wouldn’t teach Kung Fu to uncontrolled, aggressive people.

After a year of probation, Fung Siu Ching proved worthy to learn from San Kam. He was accepted and introduced in order to learn the art of Wing Chun. He learned ten years and became one of the most famous and celebrated masters throughout Asia. He finally managed to control his temper and convert it into creative energy for Wing Chun. Fung Siu Ching was one of the masters of the red boats, which also taught in mainland China. Among others he founded many Wing Chun schools in Southeast Asia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

He was also one of the first Wing Chun masters, which taught Wing Chun professionally. Together with Leung Jan, student of Leung Yee Tai, he probably was the most famous historical figure in the history of Wing Chun. Countless films and novels were written and directed based on their history. Fung Siu Ching`s master students in Fatshan were his son Fung Tin, the Lo brothers, Tang Suen, Dung Yick and the chemist Ma Chung Yi.

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