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The Kung Fu Dojo "Dai Duk Lan"

In 1930 Wai Yan began to learn Wing Chun from Lo Chi Woon and his brother Lo Hung Tai. Wai Yan`s original aversion to Kung Fu turned into an incredible passion and love for the art of Wing Chun Kuen. Having mastered the art, he initiated a new project. He wanted to further explore the art and it’s fighting capabilities. The best Masters of the time should gather and bring Wing Chun to its glory again: An art without secrets. He founded a Wing Chun research academy in one of his buildings and called it Dai Duk Lan.

The concept of a Shaolin temple served as a model for this, where Shaolin Kung Fu was constantly tested and improved over a period of over thousand years. 

What is REDBOAT?

Redboat Wing Chun is a martial art that is based on principles developed by Shaolin monks. These principles allow you to deal better with stressful situations of daily life.


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