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The five dragons of Wing Chun

As Wai Yan heard about an unbeatable Wing Chun master named Chu Chung Man (the unbeatable iron fist of Wing Chun) who lived in Macau, he wanted to meet immediately. This man was infamous throughout Southern China, because he could defeat any challenger without much effort. Chu Chung Man liked Wai Yan`s project so much that he followed him to Dai Dak Lan and accepted the position as the head of the research facility. Chu Chung Man also brought his friend, Wing Chun master Tam Kong into the project. Tam Kong was specialized in Kam Na concepts (Ground fighting and locking techniques to control the opponent). He was able to beat the most challengers with ease.

Sifu Wai Yan found Sifu Tang Yick in Hong Kong. At first, Tang Yick refused to share his knowledge with other Wing Chun masters. However, the openness and warmth of the others quickly changed his scepticism.

Tang Yick and Pak Cheung, the protégés of Grand Master Tang Sun who were living in Fatshan, became the kings of the longstaff. Master Pak Cheung was regarded missing since the Chinese Cultural Revolution. However, he was found on a remote farm near Fatshan by Cheng Kwong in 1978.

With Sifu Tang Yick the project now included five members: Sifu Chu Chung Man, Sifu Wai Yan, Sifu Lo Chi Woon, Sifu Tam Kong and Sifu Tang Yick. Those five men practiced and structured Wing Chun for 20 years.  

The Wing Chun masters trained every day and never missed to verify the concepts and principles. Kung Fu masters of other styles were invited to share their knowledge and exchange experiences. Also the famous Grand Master Yip Man, teacher of Bruce Lee, was often seen among the masters.

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