The philosophy of the Shaolin

Chan (Jap. Zen) translates to "objectless meditation". The objective of the Chan exercise is to be in the present moment and to let go of all distracting and annoying influences. It is an exercise to reflect on his or her naturalness and spontaneity.

Kung Fu practitioners tried to uphold this attitude not only in the dojo, but also in everyday life. Based on the various exercises in Wing Chun this condition should be in reach at all times. The right action in the present moment, without hesitation, is the core of the exercise.

To give the student effective exercise concepts at hand, only principles are taught that are comprehensible, simple and straightforward to implement.

Not faith, but the knowledge about his or her skills and abilities are in the focus here. The continuous verification of the effectiveness of this method in the dojo and in everyday life is desired and teaches the students to apply the concepts and principles to all circumstances of life.

What is REDBOAT?

Redboat Wing Chun is a martial art that is based on principles developed by Shaolin monks. These principles allow you to deal better with stressful situations of daily life.


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