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Redboat Wing Chun is the martial art of "the everlasting spring"

Effective self-defense - Qigong (health education) - Chan (teachings of philosophy)

Shaolin monks developed certain principles, concepts and attitudes which allowed them to calmly face the daily pressures. Difficulties, which emerge on a daily basis, are not perceived as problems anymore, but as challenges that you can actually use to strengthen your personality.

In the present time, the effectiveness of the system was verified by the most famous masters in Dai Duk Lan in Hong Kong. Redboat Wing Chun has a harmonizing and stabilizing effect and increases self-confidence. By training your body, mind and soul learn to work together in harmony. Conscious practice causes the Redboat Wing Chun practitioner to respond more calmly to daily challenges. This counteracts diseases caused by stress and overwork that often occur in our "achievement-oriented society".

Applicable by anyone at anytime

The Redboat practitioner does not only practice the physical aspects of Wing Chun, but also transforms his intellectual and spiritual power potentials. An understanding for the fact that all things are in motion is created and therefore everything is in a constant state of flux. The practitioner learns to "let go" and always engage all situations anew, without reservation. This creates the basis for spontaneous and creative action.

Kung Fu training is characteristic for respect and a sense of community. The student is encouraged not to blindly follow rules and commandments. Mindfulness means to question one's own actions, or the actions of others to be able to take responsibility without remorse.

The student is enabled to overcome negative influences such as self-doubt or arrogance in favor of the community of Kung Fu practitioners and to be rewarded with a healthy self-confidence. This opens up a new dimension for your own personality and creativity.

The illusion of "against-each-other"

Another important insight is gained by the students through the special way of dealing with the energy of the opposite. While many martial arts are designed to destroy the attacking force, the REDBOAT practitioner uses it to reflect it back to the attacker. This approach of dealing with energies without excessive force and agility, gives even people with physical weaknesses the possibility to defend themselves very effectively. Through Chan Philosophy the student learns first hand that he is “connected to everything” rather than “separated from everything”.

What is REDBOAT?

Redboat Wing Chun is a martial art that is based on principles developed by Shaolin monks. These principles allow you to deal better with stressful situations of daily life.


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